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Monday, April 07, 2014

Volunteer At National Parks, Utah State Parks

April 6-12 is National Volunteer Week in America. That designation was established by Presidentialproclamation, part of which reads:

By performing acts of service, we can shape a Nation big enough and bold enough to accommodate the hopes of all our people. Across our country, volunteers open doors of opportunity, pave avenues of success, fortify their communities, and lay the foundation for tomorrow's growth and prosperity. They are often equipped with few resources and gain little recognition, yet because of their service, our country is a better and a stronger force for good.

If you are looking for a place to volunteer, consider offering your services at national and stateparks in Utah. Volunteers donate thousands of hours of service, making the parks safer and more pleasant while helping to keep operating costs down.

The video below highlights some volunteer opportunities at Zion National Park.

We encourage you to watch for opportunities to volunteer. Such opportunities are often posted on bulletin boards at the parks and on park websites. You can also find out about opportunities by talking to the rangers at the information desks.

Visit your favorite parks and look for opportunities. The aren't hard to find.


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