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Monday, February 17, 2014

Dinosaur Trackways In The Moab Area

Photo by Dave Webb
This article caught my eye and I found it to be an interesting read.

Check travel column: Dinosaur trail helps tourists find fossils

Bound for the Grand Canyon in Arizona, we crossed into Utah out of Colorado and hung a left. Heading south, Ruthie and I were open to see other sights on the way. Stopping in at the first visitor’s center we came to, we asked attendant Helen if there were any interesting places around for us to visit.

Her face lit up. “We just opened another part of our state park at Mill Creek Canyon. The rock formations are beautiful, but the new part has dinosaur fossils, and we love showing them off! Interested?”

The article goes on to describe a hike along the Mill Creek Dinosaur Trackway, just north of Moab.

Just one clarification. The quote above makes it sound like the area is part of a state park. It is not. It is a remote area managed by BML. There is a parking area and a marked trail, but no services and little my way of facilities. There may be nobody else in the area, so you need to be self-sufficient.

There are actually four interesting dinosaur trackways in this area and BLM offers good information about each:

Each area is worth a visit. Just remember, there are no services at any of them.


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