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Monday, November 04, 2013

Great Fall Hikes In Utah and both have interesting articles about hiking in Utah. has this article focusing on backpacking/hiking in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument while provides this information about hiking to lakes in the ski canyons east of the Salt Lake Valley.

Both articles describe wonderful adventures in areas with stunning scenery. However, we are getting late in the season for some hikes and so people need to take care before lacing up the hiking boots.

Below I list the recommended hikes and give some of my own insights.'s recommendations:
  • Coyote Gulch: This is an incredible backpack destination that can be enjoyed year-round but is best when hikes in spring or fall. It descends a narrow desert canyon, past arches and small waterfalls. It ranks with the best fall hikes in the world.
  • Escalante River, from Escalante to Utah Highway 12 bridge: This is a grand hike that requires considerable wading. Similar to the famous Narrows in Zion Park, the river is the trail and you spend considerable time in the water. Unless you have appropriate gear, it may be too late in the season to try this year, but it is well worth putting this route on your schedule for warm weather.
  • Boulder Mail Trail: The small town of Boulder was the last town in the continental U.S. to have mail delivered by pack mule. The trail was used from 1902 to 1924 - until a reliable road was pushed into the remote community. The old Mail Trail now makes a great backpack route that can be hiked year-round (but be wary of winter storms).
  • Hackberry Canyon: This is a great backpack route, with many variations possible. The route as described requires considerable wading, so be cautious as cold weather sets in.
  • Paria River to Willis Creek: This is another wonderful, long, scenic route that requires wading in the Willis Creek slow. It is best done during warm weather. recommends the hikes listed below. All go to small lakes in the high country in the Cottonwood Canyons SE of Salt Lake City. All are great hikes but can be treacherous this time of year. It snowed today in the high country. Most of the snow will probably melt – note I said most because some may stick in shady areas. A month ago I would have recommended these as wonderful hikes where you can see spectacular fall colors. In the coming months some brave people will snowshoe in. Right now you may be able to hike in, but be careful.
  • Cecret Lake [Secret Lake]
  • Desolation Lake
  • Lake Blanche
  • Red Pine Lake
  • White Pine Lake
- Dave Webb


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