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Monday, July 01, 2013

Have A Safe Fourth of July Holiday

Fireworks will start popping now all around Utah, with festivities peaking on Thursday, July 4th. There will be celebrations in virtually all Utah communities and at many of our national and state parks. Travelers are always welcome to join the festivities. See our events database for details on many celebrations around the state.

Officials are urging caution because of conditions that make some activities more dangerous than usual this year. We are experiencing a drought and backcountry conditions are dry and so fire danger is high. Campfires are restricted to fire pits in developed campgrounds. Fireworks are not allowed on public land and are also prohibited from many foothill areas around our communities. Fireworks are never allowed in national parks and in Forest Service areas.

Also, air temperatures have been very high and hot weather is expected to continue through the holiday period. People involved in outdoor activities need to drink plenty of fluids and minimize activity during the hot part of the afternoon.

The Deseret News has these two good articles pertaining to the holiday celebrations:
Here are quotes from the first article:

Only fireworks that can be legally sold in Utah can be used in the state, meaning many popular explosives — firecrackers, M-80s, cherry bombs, bottle rockets and Roman candles — are prohibited, fire officials said.

State Fire Marshal Coy Porter said anything that shoots into the air and explodes — other than fireworks designated as "aerials" — is illegal in Utah.

State-approved fireworks can be purchased through July 27, but they can only be legally ignited between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. July 1-7 and July 21-27. The hours are extended to midnight on July Fourth and July 24.

The Utah Department of Public Safety website has information on where fireworks are legal, and where they are prohibited.


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