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Friday, January 18, 2013

New Interactive Utah Snowmobile Map

Utah State Parks has published a new interactive snowmobile map for the state, you can see it here.

The map shows the location of snowmobile areas, trailheads and the basic route followed by some trains. You can zoom the map in and out to get a detailed view.

Click on a trailhead icon and you will get basic information about the trail plus a link to the latest grooming report (if one is available).

The map just shows groomed trails. It does not show other routes that are open to snowmobiling, or backcountry play areas.

It is striking to see how many groomed trails we have scattered around the state.

The map also give you the capacity to change measurement units and to change the background base map. The background basemap options include a highway map and a topographical map.

There are other basemap options but they don't appear to be working correctly. I tried a couple and found myself in Algeria.

Overall, the map is interesting and useful.

- Dave Webb


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