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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Backpacking Magazine Lists Killer Trips – Several In Utah

Shaman Gallery rock art in Grand Canyon
Backpacking Magazine has an interesting serious of articles in its October issue, focusing on “Killer Trips” in several categories. The magazine calls them: “Hair-raising tales of wilderness terror that will haunt your backcountry dreams.” Several are in Utah, or just across the border.

Two of the hikes are in Zion National Park. Two more are in Grand Canyon. Another is in Canyonlands and, surprise, one is in the Wasatch Mountain just east of Salt Lake City.

Below we list the hikes in our area, along with the reason they are considered “killer.”

Killer Trips: Gravity - Angels Landing Trail, Zion NP. The “blade-like ridge” to Angels Landing offers stunning views, but if you slip you could fall 1,000 feet or more.

Killer Trips: Wildlife - Mt. Aire Trail, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache NF. Moose are commonly seen along the route. Backpacker says, “The 1,000-pound ungulates have charged several hikers here, so keep dogs leashed and eyes peeled for Bullwinkles in thick brush.” (The Mt Aire Trail runs between Elbow Fork in Mill Creek Canyon and Mount Aire Canyon off Parleys Canyon.)

Killer Trips: Weather - Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon NP. This is one of the most popular hikes in the Grand Canyon, and for good reason. But, “Most of the Grand Canyon’s 200 annual heat-related rescues occur on this popular river-to-rim stairway.”

Killer Trips: Terrain - Spry Canyon, Zion NP. Terrain is the subject here. It is very scenic but also technical. “Spry Canyon gives hikers plenty of ropework practice, with 11 rappels scattered along the three-mile slot.”

Killer Trips: You - The Maze, Canyonlands NP. The Maze is so remote, and some roads are so rough, you need to take care before venturing here. “Devising your own route (and staying found) through The Fins (a trailless zone north of Ernie’s Country) can uncover never-glimpsed arches.”

Killer Trips: You - Tuckup Trail, Grand Canyon NP. This is in the Toroweap ditrict, off the Arizona Strip. Just driving to the trailhead is an adventure. “Payoff? Easy walking on one of the Grand’s rare patches of flat trail and its best pictograph panel, Shaman’s Gallery, at mile three.”


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