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Thursday, August 09, 2012

10 Great National Parks Hikes In Utah

I'm always interested to see other peoples "best hikes" lists. I've been on most popular trails in Utah, and a bunch that are lesser-known, and I have my own favorites. But Utah has so many tails, there is no way anyone hike them all in a lifetime. So I scan other people's lists to make sure I haven't missed any of the great ones.

The Salt Lake Tribune Hiking Utah blog has an interesting post with this title: 10 great national parks hikes in Utah

The blog includes two hikes in each of our 5 national parks. We list their recommended hikes below.

Are these the "best" hikes in our national parks? Well, that's very subjective. These are great family hikes. There are many others equally good. My personal favorites are hikes that include a little more adventure, but these are certainly hikes I enjoy doing with my kids and grand kids.

Here's their list:

- Devils Garden
- Fiery Furnace

- Hat Shop
- Peekaboo-Queens Garden Loop

- Neck Spring Trail
- Slickrock Trail

- Cassidy Arch Trail
- Grand Wash

- Scout Lookout
- Pa'rus Trail

The blog provides details about each hike.


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