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Utah Travel Headlines

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

High Runoff Is Now Peaking, Conditions Should Soon Improve

Warm temperatures during the next few days will probably bring peak streamflows around Utah. Some streams may have already peaked. Within a few days, flows should start to recede and conditions will slowly improve.

Runoff has been at record levels this year – the highest ever recorded on some streams. Flooding has occurred in spots and it has affected travel and recreation. But, overall, Utah has had relatively few problems, considering the amount of water that has and still is cascading down our mountains.

Major highways have not been affected in Utah, but I-70 has seen lane restrictions because of flooding just across the border in Colorado. Some secondary roads have been impacted.

Flood watches continue in several areas. This Salt Lake Tribune article gives a summary.

Freemont Indian State Park’s day use area has recently been flooded. The YouTube video below shows the impressive flow inundating the area from normally tiny Clear Creek.

Our photo above shows standing water on the White Rim Trail, in Canyonlands National Park near Moab.

Always check locally to learn about current conditions before you head into Utah’s backcountry.


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