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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Luxury Travel Magazine Finds Adventure In Moab

Luxury Travel Magazine has this new article about the Moab area, saying is a great destination for spectacular adventure. Below are excerpts.

Off the beaten path in the American southwest, nestled in a lush green valley beneath towering red rock rims, is a hidden gem called Moab, Utah, a unique little town where you could spend weeks and awaken to a new adventure each day.

Where else in the west, or perhaps the world, can one hike in the warmth of the desert sun one day and cross-country ski the next, or raft the wild Colorado River one day and mountain bike on a cool aspen trail the next, without changing cities or even hotels! Days full of exhilarating adventures, and scenic beauty that will permeate your soul, are but a taste of what makes Moab one of the most sought after destinations of the southwest.

Internationally known for its mountain biking, Moab also offers an amazing array of activities including, rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, road biking, fishing, hunting, golfing, 4-wheel driving, ATVing, horseback riding, skate parks, disc golf, skydiving and ballooning.

Arches National Park, just 6 miles from downtown Moab, is a red rock wonderland containing some of the most scenic and inspiring landscapes on Earth, with over 2,000 arches and an astounding variety of other geological formations...

Canyonlands is the largest national park in Utah, and is divided into three districts by the Green and Colorado Rivers - the Island in the Sky, the Needles and the Maze. Named for their most prominent geologic characteristics, these districts are quite diverse, and to take a "seen one, seen them all" attitude would be a great mistake...

In addition to these beautiful national parks, Moab is also home to Dead Horse Point State Park, which is one of Utah's most spectacular state parks.

A few astonishing finds in this quaint western town are gourmet restaurants that rival those found in New York, two wineries, two breweries and several fine art galleries. Unique again describes the world renowned sound and light show that transports you to another world with Indian stories and legends, the natural wonder of the canyons and patriotism, with words and music. Floating on a large boat with theater seating, the stage is southeastern Utah's amazing night sky, 300 to 500-foot canyon walls illuminated with lights, and the mighty Colorado River.


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