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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Movie Showcases Utah Canyon While Telling The Story Of Aaron Ralston

There is a lot of hype right now about the movie “127 Hours," about adventurer Aaron Ralston. He's the guy who got his arm stuck under a boulder while exploring a slot canyon alone. He was pinned there for 127 hours, until he cut off his arm to gain freedom.

The movie is said to be “intense” and is expected to draw a large audience. It shows off some of Utah's most beautiful scenery, along with terrain that is dangerous.

So the question arises, “Will this be good or bad for Utah?” Utah's Office of Tourism thinks it will be positive. KSL has this report about the movie, complete with a trailer. Below are excerpts.

A movie about a famous incident in Utah opens Wednesday night in select cities around the country. The story will likely be inspiring to some, gruesome to others. Either way, state travel officials are angling to capitalize on the movie's spectacular views of Southern Utah.

James Franco is the star, But Utah scenery also has a starring role in the new movie "127 Hours". Franco plays Aaron Ralston, solo adventurer extraordinaire, who climbs alone into a slot canyon and gets his arm trapped by a boulder, pinning him there for 127 hours.

The movie has Oscar talk.

Leigh von der Esch, Utah's travel chief, hopes worldwide exposure will draw tourists.

"Southern Utah is just spectacular on this film, and really, really showcased," she said.

There's a potential marketing problem. How will audiences and tourists respond to scenery so dangerous, it nearly kills off the hero, until he saves himself by cutting off his own arm?

"It's uplifting--a story of a young man that wanted to survive against all odds. And I think that's what we have to remember," von der Esch said.


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