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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

USA Today Lists Goblin Valley Among Top Places To Explore

USA Today Travel has come out with this list of “10 great places to explore wide-open spaces.”

Goblin Valley in south-central Utah is featured on the list, with this description;

There are countless places to explore in Southern Utah. Stark likes this area near the San Rafael Swell, a bulging headlands rock visible for miles. "We were hiking there a few years ago, and we were 5 miles from Interstate 70, and we got as lost as we could get."

Goblin Valley is a wonderful attraction, a family favorite, and the recognition is nice, but the description is confusing and inaccurate. “Stark” authored a book, The Last Empty Places: A Past and Present Journey Through the Blank Spots on the American Map, which prompted article.

Is the article saying the San Rafael Swell is a bulging rock visible for miles? The Swell is a vast area including mountains and canyons and many bulging rocks.

Goblin Valley is about 35 miles from I-70, and it is virtually impossible to get lost there.

Goblin Valley is located on the edge of the Swell, an area that offers great hiking opportunities in amazing wide open spaces.

I suspect Stark was referring to some spot between Goblin Valley and I-70 – there are many spots that would fit his description.

Anyway, USA Today should have done a better job with that reference.

- Dave Webb


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