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Utah Travel Headlines

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mountain Roads Are Opening For Summer Season

Utah roads that are closed during the winter are now being reopened to allow access to campgrounds and other facilities that are popular during the summer season.

The Utah Department of Transportation provided info on the roads listed below. These are important secondary roads that are closed during winter because of deep snow.

Many gravel roads in high-elevation forest areas are also closed during winter. Some are already open and others will open during the next few weeks. Check with the Forest Service Ranger Districts for information about roads in areas you want to visit.

State Road 65, East Canyon Highway, Opens For Summer Season On May 21

SR 35, Wolf Creek Pass, is open

SR 39, Monte Cristo, Anticipated opening is May 31

SR 92, American Fork Canyon / Alpine Loop, Anticipated opening is mid June

SR 148, Cedar Breaks, Anticipated opening is Late May

SR 150, Mirror Lake Highway, Anticipated opening 1st or 2nd week June

SR 190 and 224, Guardsman Pass, Anticipated opening is late June


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