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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Readers Digest Says Utah Has Some of Best Roads In America

I-80 in Utah is one of the best roads in American, according to this new ranking by Readers Digest. Here's what the magazine had to say:

“You come down into Salt Lake City, and you’re surrounded by mountains, you see the lights of Salt Lake City in front of you, and off to the west, you see the Great Salt Lake. The only issue is that it’s easy to get distracted by how beautiful it is.” - Trucker Kevin Johnson, Rushville, Illinois

The Deseret Morning new has this article about the rankings. Below are excerpts.

Utah has the fifth-best roads in the nation, according to a new ranking by Reader's Digest.

Only Kansas, Wisconsin, Montana and New Mexico have better roads, according to the rankings.

North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Virginia and Oregon round out the top 10.

Combine that with Forbes Magazine recently ranking Utah as the No. 1 commuter friendly state in the country, and transportation in the Beehive State is looking pretty good these days.

The "Best Roads" list was determined by the latest data from the Federal Highway Administration, while the "Deadliest Roads" ratings were calculated using a simple ranking of fatalities per 100 million miles driven.

Complete statistics, as well as the methodology used in the report and other information, is available at


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