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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

NY Post Features Snow Basin and Powder Mountain

The New York Post has this article featuring Snow Basin and Powder Mountain ski resorts. Below are excerpts.

Besides the commonality of fresh snow in abundance, both are relatively uncrowded, there’s no glitz or glamour and spending time at both is pretty easy on the wallet compared to the likes of Deer Valley.

To me, an old hand that’s watched skiing in North America trend ever more luxurious, skiing in Ogden — particularly at Powder Mountain — is the sport as it used to be. Simple, rustic, basic. There are no frills here. No tissue boxes at the lift stations, no gourmet mushroom salads, no valet parking. Just lots and lots of snow. And absolutely no people.

But as agreeable as Powder Mountain is, some want more luxury. Here. Snowbasin is happy to oblige. Both resorts were built by Utah billionaire Earl Holding, who owns Sun Valley in Utah; Snowbasin’s official name is actually “Snowbasin — A Sun Valley Resort.”

At Snowbasin. the gondolas are hand washed on a regular basis. Squint in one of the gilt edged lodges and you’d swear you were the actual Sun Valley — same blond, peeled logs, same comfy leather sofas, same huge stone fireplaces. Along with gourmet meals, endless swaths of marble, Italian burl ceilings and enough polished brass to give you a sunburn. And there are some runs here, including one so steep you can hardly stand up, that will definitely grow hair on your chest.

Sun Valley fancy, Utah snow, Montana prices? Yes, please.


  • At 7:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Earl Holding didn't build Powder Mountain. And Sun Valley is in Idaho.


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