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Thursday, November 12, 2009

This Has Been A Great Open Water Fishing Season In Utah

Here in Utah we've enjoyed great, mild fall weather, but that is about to change with a cold storm approaching. I've spent many days out hiking and fishing, really enjoying the season.

My most recent trip was to Strawberry Reservoir, where we enjoyed catching big cutthroat and rainbow trout. Strawberry is one of Utah's best fisheries and it is particularly good during the fall. The photo at right shows one fish we caught. To see more watch the new video clip I just put at the top of our Strawberry Reservoir page.

Fishing has been very good this season at many Utah waters. Strawberry - well, I think it is fishing as good or better than it ever has. Lake Powell was better this year than it has been for years, and will probably be improve more next year. Striped bass are in great shape at Powell and now it looks like the walleye are making a comeback.

The Green and Provo rivers have both offered excellent fly fishing this season.

The approaching storm will drop snow on the boat ramp at Strawberry, and along the banks of our trout streams. Lake Powell probably won't get snow but the cold weather will slow fishing success for most species. Our open-water season is coming to a close.

Ice fishing is just a few weeks away now and it should also be good this year.

- Dave Webb


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