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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 24 Pioneer Day Holiday

July 24 is an official Utah holiday commemorating the arrival of the state's pioneer settlers in 1847. Parades, fireworks and other festivities will be held in many communities. A lot of people will have the day off and so many parks and recreational areas will be crowded. Grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants and most other businesses serving travelers will be open as usual.

Salt Lake City hosts an extensive celebration called The Days of '47, with activities climaxing on the 24th. Many events are held in downtown Salt Lake City, including a marathon and parade. The parade begins at 9 am at the intersection of South Temple and State Street. It runs east to 200 East, then turns south to 900 South, then turns east to Liberty Park at 600 East. Pedestrian and vehicle traffic will be heavy in those areas.

A Pioneer Heritage Festival will be held on July 24th and 25th at This Is The Place Heritage Park, on the east side of Salt Lake City. It offers food, music and plenty of opportunity to watch or participate in living history demonstrations and activities.

The Days of 47 website has complete info about activities.


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