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Thursday, June 11, 2009

On Horseback In Red Canyon

Red Canyon offers stunning red-rock formations set amidst an evergreen forest. It is located near Bryce Canyon National Park and offers similar features. There is no better way to explore the area than on horseback.

Deseret News writer Amy Donaldson describes the adventure in this article. Below are excerpts. The News also has this video showing the ride.

Imagine wildflowers, three or four different types and colors, growing on a red rock ledge. A few hundred yards later, you're surrounded by Ponderosa pines, junipers and Douglas fir. Overhead is a clear, blue sky marred only by birds that draw your attention away from the trail up into the vastness of the beauty that surrounds you for hundreds of miles.

As we rode along the trails — of which there are about 50 miles for horses, mountain bikers and hikers — that dipped and climbed through Red Canyons' hills and cliffs, I had a hard time not repeating myself.

"Look at that!" I exclaimed, pointing out whatever it was that had pulled my attention to it this time. "Isn't that amazing!"

In some places, words really do fail a person.


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