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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tentative Opening Dates for Ski Resorts

Considerable snow fell on mountain peaks in northern Utah last week, and more is expected later this week. It is still early - it may all melt - but it won't be long before snow starts to accumulate around our ski areas.

The ski season is rapidly approaching.

Below we list tentative opening dates for Utah ski resorts. These dates are conservative, anticipating a "normal" snow year. Snow has been better than normal the past few years, and probably will be again this year. Long-term forecasts call for our weather to be cooler and wetter than normal during late fall and early winter.

So, I dare predict some Utah resorts will open for skiing in mid-November.

Nevertheless, here are tentative opening days as provided by

Alta - Nov 21
Beaver Mtn - Tba
Brian Head - Nov 22
Brighton - Tba
The Canyons - Nov 27
Deer Valley - Dec 6
Park City Mtn - Nov 22
Powder Mtn - Nov 22
Snowbasin - Nov 27
Snowbird - Nov 22
Solitude - Nov 14
Sundance - Dec 5
Wolf Mtn - Tba


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