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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Film Industry Brings $138 Million to Utah

Utah's unique scenery finds its way into many major Hollywood movies, and government officials are working to encourage that business. To that end, a study commissioned by the Governors Office of Economic Development found that that film industry contributed some $138 million to our economy last year.

The Salt Lake Tribune has this new article about the study. Below are excerpts.

"The governor's staff told lawmakers Wednesday that while filmmakers only spent $54 million in the state last year, the economic ripple effect of that spending was 2'5 times greater.

"It was the first time an economic analysis has been done on Utah's film industry.
"The state is increasingly trying to lure films to Utah, but state officials say Utah needs greater economic incentives to land them."

The Tribune also has this article about current films with Utah connections. Here's a key quote:

"It shows that we've been making movies in the state, that's for sure, and regularly and consistently," said Marshall Moore, director of the Utah Film Commission. "We've got a deep, rich indigenous film industry going on."


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