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Friday, July 25, 2008

Wall Street Journal Profiles Salt Lake City

Under this interesting column heading, 'Off the Beaten Path,' Wall Street Journal Reporter Sarah McBride tells what to do, where to eat and where to stay in Utah's capital. Below is a snippet:

Most people just pass through Salt Lake City on their way to the nearby ski slopes, but they're missing out on a walkable, attractive city with plenty to do. The city is ringed by mountains, making it easy to embark on scenic hikes just minutes from the center of town. With a few hours, head to Neff's Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains; the trailhead and parking lot is on White Way in the Olympus Cove neighborhood. This 3.5-mile trail winds up through woods and alongside (sometimes through) a creek until it reaches a meadow and then a ridge with outstanding views over the city. With less time, just walk up State Street and into Memory Grove Park by the Capitol, which leads to several hillside hiking trails.

She also recommends
- Touring the Mormon Church's Family History Library
- Visiting the Main Salt Lake Public Library
- Eating at Ruth's Diner
- Eating at the Bayou
- Staying at Little America
- Staying at Inn on the Hill

Read the entire article.


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