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Friday, February 01, 2008

Tour Pioneer Sites Around Salt Lake City

The Noblesville Daily Times (Hamilton County, Indiana) has this interesting article about tourism to historic pioneer sites around Salt Lake City. The article includes a slide show with beautiful photos.

Writer Elizabeth Granger opens the article: "With a presidential candidate and the death of their Church leader, Mormons have garnered an unusual amount of press in recent months. But a view of the religion has been offered to tourists in Salt Lake City for decades."

She describes touring Temple Square and other historic sites, including some that are not on the typical tourist route. She shares insights from the tour. For example, this story:

Nearby is the Lion House, named for the lion on top of its porch. It was built by Brigham Young for some of his 19 wives and 56 children. Polygamy was abolished in 1890, but it’s part of Church history and is discussed on tours.

The Lion House is now a restaurant. Next door is the Beehive House – the beehive to represent industriousness – with a beehive-shaped cupola and beehive-shaped banisters on the staircase. Here Young’s third wife, Lucy, lived with her seven children.

“Other families lived elsewhere, including the Lion House,” said tour guide Sister Mathews. “But everyone was equal.”

And as proof that Lucy worked on behalf of the other wives and their children, Mathews added, “Lucy made 25 loaves of bread and 25 pies every day.”

Read the entire article.


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