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Friday, December 14, 2007

Utah Featured Prominently in America the Beautiful Book

Utah scenes are displayed prominently in the new book, Life: America the Beautiful, from Life magazine. This news report describes the publication. Here are excerpts:

As Life magazine picked the 100 most spectacular locations in the country, Life Books Editorial Director Robert Sullivan says they tried to convey something about the soul of each location. "We wanted to do something that celebrated this country of ours and reminded us all of what we have that is so splendid, both naturally and man-made," he said.

"Every time we turned around there was another place from Utah fighting its way into the book. Six in all, which is as many as we had from Alaska," Sullivan said.

The book includes a panoramic view over
Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley stretching for miles, Canyonlands' red-rock beauty, and Zion.

Read the entire article.


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