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Utah Travel Headlines

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Exclusive Luxury Hotels in the American West carries an interesting article on luxury lodging properties that provide a true Western Americana experience, based on information from Luxury Travel Magazine.

"These exclusive luxury logdings provide authentic American West experiences in the USA's most breathtaking surroundings," it begins.

Moab's Sorrel River Ranch leads the list. "On this verdant oasis, you live in cabin-style luxury suites with rustic wood furniture, traditional fireplaces, wooden deck porches and huge log-built beds. The astounding landscape abounds with adventures -- you can ride trails on horseback or by four-wheel drive, mountain bike or hiking. You can raft or kayak down the Colorado River, or explore nearby Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, or simply gasp at the awesome red cliffs."

Sundance Resort is also listed. "The natural scenery is unmatched, and activities are abundant in every season. The famous arts community developed by Robert Redford is also a full-service, year-round recreation area with eco-friendly, subtle yet luxurious accommodations."

Read the entire article.


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