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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Apply Now For Utah Big Game Hunts

If you want to hunt big game in Utah during 2007, you need to apply for permits right now. See the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources news release below for details.

In other wildlife-related news:
--- A new rule prohibits collecting shed antlers in northern Utah between Feb 1 and May 1, to keep people from putting stress on animals on winter ranges. See details.
--- Forty-two bighorn sheep were released at two sites along the Little Hole Road below Flaming Gorge Reservoir on Jan. 26. The animals were transplanted from Montana. See details.

Big Game Applications Due by Feb 16

Time is running out to get your application in for a Utah big game hunting permit, especially if you're applying through the mail.

To be entered in the 2007 Utah big game draw, mail-in applications must be received no later than 5 pm on Feb 16. Applications submitted through the Division of Wildlife Resources' Web site ( must be received no later than 11 pm on Feb 16.

With time running out, the Internet or an overnight mail service might be the best way to make sure your application meets the deadline. Hunters are reminded that applications postmarked before or on Feb. 16, but that aren't received by 5 pm that day, will not be entered in the draw. Applications are not accepted in-person.

Apply on the Internet
If you have a major credit card that's valid through at least May 2006, you can get your application in within a matter of minutes. Just log onto the DWR's Web site ( Once you're on the site, you can apply for a permit by clicking on the 'Apply online for available hunt drawings' choice under the 'Purchase a license or permit' heading on the right side of the home page.

Mail Your Application Early
If you don't apply on the Internet, please remember that it will take a few days for your application to arrive through the mail at the Utah Wildlife Administrative Services office. Because of this, an overnight mail delivery service is probably the best way to help ensure your application is received by the 5 pm, Feb 16 due date, says Judi Tutorow, wildlife licensing coordinator for the DWR.

In addition to arriving on time, applications must be completed correctly. Tutorow encourages you to take your time when completing your application. Please call the nearest DWR office, or the Utah Wildlife Administrative Services office at 1-800-221-0659, if you have questions or need assistance.

The Utah Wildlife Administrative Services office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. DWR offices are open from 8 am to 5 pm, Mondays through Fridays.

Hunt Numbers
Hunters sometimes list the wrong hunt number - a mistake Tutorow sees every year.

"The number for your favorite hunt may have changed from last year," she says. "Before entering your hunt number, double check and make sure the number you're listing on your application is the correct number for the hunt you want to apply for."

Hunt numbers are listed on pages 34-45 of the 2007 Utah Big Game Proclamation.


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