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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Downtown remains open as construction commences at City Creek Center

Preparatory work on the massive City Creek Center redevelopment project in downtown Salt Lake City will begin next week. Businesses located directly south of Temple Square will be affected during the coming weeks.

The Salt Lake Chamber and Downtown Alliance on Monday commemorated the start of construction by proclaiming that downtown Salt Lake City remains open for business. The more than 100 restaurants, 575 ground floor businesses, 40 clubs and entertainment venues, and more than a dozen museums and cultural attractions will not be impacted by the construction of City Creek Center.

In addition, during the start of construction, all streets will remain open, parking and shopping at Crossroads Plaza and ZCMI Center will remain open, and holiday festivities such as Lights On!, Holiday Sing-Along, Messiah Sing-In, and First Night will continue unaffected.

This Salt Lake Tribune article describes the project.

See the Chamber press release and map of what’s open.


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