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Utah Travel Headlines

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring Skiing Is Better Than Ever

Utah resorts still offer great ski conditions, with a deep base and new snow ever few days. Most resorts will be open through mid-April. Snowbird intends to be open daily through May 14, and weekends through May 29.

A Salt Lake Tribune article by Mike Gorrell provided the information below. Read the entire article.

"We've had a huge season this year, our best ever. We had plenty of snow and a large number of skier visits," said Sundance spokeswoman Lucy Ridolphi.

Southwestern Utah's Brian Head Resort got off to a slow start, which hurt Christmas business. But resort general manager Henry Hornberger said "in January we started getting snow and getting strong visitation. Snow-wise we're sitting great, and business has stayed strong."

"For us to get into good skiing back home we have to drive two to four hours," Brad Hobbs said Monday at The Canyons. Added Shelley: "Our sons were [psyched] because they were doing powder up to their thighs."

Even a skier as young as 7-year-old Nick Rose appreciates that kind of snow. "It feels like you're floating on top of the clouds," the Chicago boy said.


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