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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Travel + Leisure Profiles Salt Lake City

Travel + Leisure, (Nov 2005) includes an extensive article about how Salt Lake City has matured. Long known as the gateway to some of the best skiing in the country, the article says the city is becoming a destination in its own right, with “great art and architecture, shopping, music, food—and, yes, drink.”

Chip Brown authored the piece, an unbiased look at the city’s unique culture and emerging cosmopolitan nature. Floating in the middle of the narrative he makes this interesting observation:

“Over and over during the time I spent there not long ago, I found myself wondering whether America had become more like Salt Lake or Salt Lake more like America. Or whether it was a bit of both. And it wasn't just the old tension between sacred doctrine and secular authority, or the city's perennial accent on the now widely fashionable idea of "family values." It was also new trends that ran counter to Salt Lake's native fundamentalism, such as the surprising heterogeneity of its populace, or the struggle of religious and civic leaders to revitalize the urban core and to manage growth without sacrificing natural beauty. Add them all up and you could make a case that this homegrown Zion, which for decades defined the outlandish fringe of American life, was suddenly the quintessential American place.”

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