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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ski Instructors' Misadventures in Moab

Skitown Journal has this amusing article about a couple of ski instructors escaping to Moab for a mid-winter break. Below are excerpts.

One of my absolute favorite places to get away from valley fever (our version of the cabin type) is Moab, Utah. Only four hours from my home resort, Moab offers red sandstone arches, bridges, sheer rock walls thousands of feet high, and plenty of warm desert air and sun.

As you may have figured out already, the Moab we arrived in that day was not the sunny, warm, dry place I had described. But being an optimist, I explained that we were probably lucky because a little bad weather might scare off the weak campers, and, of course as I had described previously, the weather always clears and dries quickly in the area.

As we came around the corner to our campsite we saw the tent, floating. Literally bobbing like a boat moored to a buoy. Ever the optimist, Tom skipped over puddles to the tent, unzipped the tentfly and looked inside. He came back to the jeep, where I stayed huddled by the heater vent with a big smile and thumbs up-everything inside had stayed dry!

He then asked me if it was okay if we could get a hotel room for just this one night because he had a sudden urge to share a hot tub together. And he said he was sure the storm would blow over and we'd be able to experience this amazing place as I (and others) had described it later on during the trip.

Read the entire article.


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